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Teleprompter – Low cost way to create professional videos from your Mac

Company:Luke Brody
Category:Video, Business
If you do your own video work, then you know the value of a teleprompter for good short communication videos. I use the program for my Mac because of the screen size and because it easily fits on a desk or video stand. Typically “through-the-camera” professional models will cost you thousands of dollars. This simple application can be installed on your computer or your tablet. If you use a stand alone camera, simply set it above the PC or tablet screen and run the teleprompter so you eyes are always at the top to the middle of the screen and you’ll get great results.
Key features include:
  • Simply hit the up or down button to control the motion.
  • Timeline – so you can set the motion speed.
  • Adjustable speed slider so you can quickly make adjustments between takes.
  • Mac-to-Mac or Apple App remote control.
  • Easily change text size and backgrounds.
The product is probably in need of a release update to work better with latest versions of the iPhone and iPad. However, at $14.99 I’ve found it worthwhile just for use on my Mac.
Operating Systems:
  • Compatible with Apple OSX 10.6 or higher
  • $14.99 USD
Availability: Apple App Store.
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