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AirTame – Wireless HDMI for Everyone

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Title:AirTame – Wireless HDMI for Everyone
AirTame was a big winner at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show(CES). The concept is simple. You need two things: 1) the AirTame Device (it looks like a typical thumb drive or dongle) and ; 2) the AirTame App. You plug the AirTame device into your HDMI slot on your computer and connect to a Wi-Fi network. You can then share content across all of your devices wirelessly. You can mirror any screen, which makes it great for meetings and events. If you have multiple devices types or you work in a BYOD environment, it works with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry. You can use your tablet to share content to another large screen, but control everything from your device. In some applications it allows you to eliminate projectors.
One value is that you eliminate cables and connectors. However the bigger opportunity is to have a facilitator or teacher run a program and then allow individuals at an event to connect their devices to the front projector and share their screens. You can also be broadcasting at a large event so that people can view your presentation on their personal device. The YouTube video features the development team explaining the idea of a community broadcast. The product also offers security features.






  • Purchase $199 (USD) (it is currently selling at a discount on the website at $164.00 (USD)

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