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One year ago we launched the public Top5Learning site to test some ideas.
What are people around the world thinking about talent development, learning and innovation?
We published links to interesting news articles and offered commentary on technology, thought leadership, and key topics in learning and innovation. In return, we had recurring site visits from more than 7,000 users in over 45 countries. The feedback greatly exceeded our expectations.
We’ve now stopped weekly publication so we can update our databases and start a re-design process. We continue to track 20,000 publically traded companies so we have data on market performance and can characterize those companies based on research and user feedback.
During the past year we published information on 20 topic categories and you told us with your comments and viewing habits what was interesting and what was not. We tested a variety of assumptions about internet research and were surprised with our results. For example, users asked us to test the assumption.
Can you really find free content on the web that can be repurposed for training and development activities?
It turns out you can find great content on many topics that either allows commercial reuse or that permits adaptations. If you put in the effort, you can build a curriculum that way or have ample supplementary content. However, we discovered, you needed to identify core sources of content, key people and search terms that make the search process easier. You also need to develop clear understanding of the creative commons licensing process to avoid any problems.
So what are people interested in? Key areas of interest include disruptive technologies, creating a culture of innovation, finding great talent (particularly with small and medium sized businesses), uniquely Asian leadership practices, creating great development and retention programs (particularly with a millennial focus) and designing virtual universities.
We’re going to take a pause to study our data and publish some results. After we regroup, we’ll redesign the Top5 site for another year-long experiment – likely to be launched this fall.
Until then – please feel free to ask questions by hitting the “Ask A Question” tab on the Top5Learning site or by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
Peter McAteer
Managing Director, Top5Learning,Ltd
CEO, Corporate University Research, Ltd.


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Company:Google, Inc
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