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Pop-Up Learning: The Future of MOOCs and Online Education

Category : eLearning - 2189 views added by admin added on 5th January 2015
We start 2015 with an April 2, 2014 program on MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses). This is a video for Learning professionals that highlights what we know about MOOCs. The featured speaker is Jeff Young, Editor and writer for "The Chronicle of Higher Education" and a Berkman Fellow. If you are not familiar with the Berkman Center at Harvard University, it’s a research institute that supports academics and practitioners who examine the relationship between the internet and society.

The video lasts for approximately one hour, but includes a variety of engaging stories and some insightful comments on the latest research. Jeff Young takes a closer look at who is taking MOOCs and why, and examines how free courses fit into broader Internet trends. His early story about Battushig Myanganbayar (approximately 6 minutes 30 seconds) illustrates key facts about what often happens behind the scenes – offering us great insights into how we should really teach and support students online.

The current research shows that people who already have degrees largely use many MOOCs. However, the story of early adoption with any innovation is generally not the final chapter. Jeff offers some predictions for the possible use of MOOCs in the years ahead.

The video is also available from the Berkman Center website in both high and low resolution video formats. Source:
License: It carries a Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

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