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Diversity Wins – with Tom Peters

Category : eLearning - 2453 views added by admin added on 12th May 2015
Most of us buy the message that diversity based on gender and nationality is important. This is a short video by Tom Peters first released in 2010 in which Tom addresses the need for diversity with a “small case d.” This means the need to have people of different perspectives in any type of problem solving that you do. He references a book, The Difference, by Scott Page (2008) that emphasizes the value of even randomly created groups over narrowly defined homogeneous groups.

If you are running a problem solving, project management or action learning activity, this is a great opening video. I could also see this used in program on leadership development, creativity or innovation. At three minutes, it’s short, but has a powerful message. Tom Peters is a good speaker and has a strong reputation. The video is likely to hold the attention of even a skeptical audience.

License:It carries a Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed.)

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